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Padre – Tommy’s Margarita

Padre is a really cool new place in Long Beach, CA. Basically a house that has been recreated into a restaurant and bar with great food and drinks. It was highly recommended by some locals, so we decided to try it out for dinner.

They have some really creative margaritas, but I just wanted the standard, which happens to be Tommy’s. Maestro dobel tequila, lime & agave. Very basic, but don’t confuse that with plain and ordinary. It was a very good drink with some kind of hidden extra flavor in there. Never could put my finger on it, but it was real.

An excellent drink to be sure and I give it a 4 on the lime scale.

But Padre is way more than just margaritas, it has some excellent food as well. You gotta try the Yuca fries. And then there is the Fried Chicken Taco – amazing.

525 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802