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Legendary Margarita – Texas Roadhouse – Tinley Park, IL


Texas Roadhouse really sounds like it’s more of a beer kind of place, but they have done a great job with their margaritas and seem to be getting better.  I have reviewed a couple of locations and drinks before and they all did well.  My latest foray into their margarita selections took place at the Texas Roadhouse location in Tinley Park, IL during a recent business trip.

This time
around, they have renamed their Original Margarita as the Legendary Margarita –
a bold step I might add, but not out-of-line as it turns out.  The basic recipe of the Legendary Margarita
as described by the Texas Roadhouse menu looks like this:

Our Original
Margaritas have three tequilas and are specially blended with our signature
sweet and sour, orange juice and agave nectar.

Available as
frozen or rocks its a pretty good starting point, pretty much a 3 Limer in the
grand scheme of things.  But now they
have stepped it up by offering some options for enhancement, served via test
tube and referred to as “Kickers”.

On this
occasion I chose the 1800 Kicker which features: 1800 Reposado Tequila & di
Amore Quattro Orange.

ADDITION!  It definitely took the flavor
up a notch, yet maintained an excellent balance between all the flavors.  Worth the extra couple of bucks.

I give the
Legendary Margarita With The 1800 Kicker a 4

A special
shout-out to the Staff at the Tinley Park location.  Bobbi-Jo was our bartender and Billie-Jo was
our waitress – great team!  And then we
got to meet Fed the Manager – what an entertaining guy and excellent asset to
the restaurant.  Someone at our table had
a minor issue with his food, and Fed responded quickly and turned the whole
occasion into a fun experience.