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Fuego’s Margarita – Fuego’s – Long Beach, CA

Fuego - Long Beach. CA Fuego - Long Beach. CA

Fuego is located in the Hotel Maya which is adjacent to the Queen Mary. I was attracted to it because of all the outdoor fire pits – you can’t beat good drinks and dancing flames. The place also has some great views of the Harbor and city skyline. Plus I heard they had a good lobster mac-n-cheese.

On this particular night, a cool breeze was blowing in off the water so the fires were a welcome respite. With a little bit of patience we were able to get the corner fire pit that has is mounted in a table with a wrap-around couch on one side and chairs on the other.

I went with the Fuego’s Margarita which looks like this:

Cazadores reposado tequila, organic agave nectar, fresh lime, rocks (less than 200 calories)

In reality, this is more of a wine place (which I like too) but my mad margarita mind always steers me in that direction no matter where I go. So of course I ordered it… was there any doubt???

In spite of it being a handmade drink, the flavor was not exceptional. It was good mind you, but not anything more than a 3 on our limer scale. (Nothing wrong with that actually.)

I liked it enough to drink a couple of them and they were very complimentary to the lobster mac-n-cheese. Great place, great evening!