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Classic Loco – Loco Patron – Scottsdale, AZ

Loco Patron
– you gotta love the name! (Though I am not a big fan of patron tequila – just
sayin…)  But nevertheless, it gets your
attention and it got mine as I drove by in a cab on the way to my hotel, just
down the street. The name stuck in my head and I made a mental note of the

Naturally it
was only a short time later when I walked in and grabbed a seat out by the
sidewalk.  It was a week night and a bit
quiet, but it suited me fine.  I asked
the waitress for her opinion and she steered me to the Classic Loco – Sauza
Gold, Triple Sec, Loco Margarita Mix, and a splash of OJ.  Also ordered some chips and salsa – a must
with any margarita!

So then it
got a bit weird.  I was busy talking to a
friend of mine while also watching some of the sidewalk traffic when I noticed
the waitress bring out her soft drink and a glass of water for me.  Ok, no problem, I figured it was taking a
while to mix up the real thing, though it wasn’t crowded.  After a few minutes, I got really thirsty and
decided to take a quick gulp of the water – SURPRISE!!!!  The water was the margarita.

unexpected, because the drink was crystal clear – really – crystal clear.  My friend almost fell out of her chair
laughing at the shock on my face. 
Amazingly it wasn’t too bad.  No
more than a low level 3, but still, for a margarita that looked like water it
certainly wasn’t watery.   To be honest
my expectations were pretty low anyway, based on the ingredients, but it was an
ok drink.

Thus I give
the Classic Loco margarita a 3 on the Limer Scale.

BTW – For an
extra $2 you add a float of Grand Marnier. 
I highly recommend it.