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Cadillac Margarita – Dos Caminos, New York City


I love the city – who doesn’t.  Especially anywhere outside and away from Times Square – been there done that.  On this particular trip I went in search of the High Line which is on the lower west side in an area called the Meatpacking District.  Found it!  And in the process also discovered Dos Caminos, which is a Mexican Restaurant and Tequila lounge. 

Naturally, like so many others, they claim to have killer margaritas…that remains to be seen.

I really love all the marketing claims that I run into on my margarita quest – killer margaritas, the best margaritas, awesome margaritas, voted the best margaritas… NOTE TO READERS – don’t get mislead by the hype, as you can’t believe everything you read, which I guess means you can’t believe my ratings either… LOL. But really, I wonder if those who make the claims actually taste their drinks first.

Well I certainly couldn’t pass Dos Caminos by – cause a good margarita can be hard to find in NYC, so I need to check out every place that supposedly specializes in my favorite concoctions.

So to the bar I went and asked the bartender what was the best margarita. He pointed me to the Millionaire Margarita which cost 45. So I asked for the second best. He suggested the Cadillac. So figuring the bartender should know best I went with it. But truly I wasn’t too impressed with the guy cause he seemed pretty unenthusiastic about the margarita and had trouble listing the ingredients.

So with a bit of apprehension I took the first sip. Not really impressed, way too sweet – gave it a TWO. But then things got really interesting. First of all, there was this really hot girl in a red dress with some boring guy at the next table over. She spent more time with her eyes focused on me than him….pretty cool! In fact, it was a reason to slowly sip the Cadillac Margarita and maybe even get another one.

And then yet another twist. A friend of mine joined me for a drink, effectively blocking off my clear view of the girl in the red dress. She (my friend) ordered a HOUSE margarita. Got that – a HOUSE margarita. Guess what??? The @#$% thing tasted just like my premium drink, except it cost a lot less… What the heck ( I said that politely)

So on that particular day, the Cadillac and the House were equal contenders, earning a 2 lime rating at best.

Obviously I didn’t like that margarita too much, but would I go to Dos Caminos again? Sure – nice atmosphere and maybe I just got a bad bartender. Besides the hot girl in red might be there again…